Central Asian International Food Industry Exhibition
6-8 November 2019
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Professional tasting of food products

Regulations of the 17th Professional Tasting of Foodstuffs "The Best Product of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015"


1. General Provisions

1.1. The professional tasting shall be held under the 18th Anniversary Central Asian International Exhibition WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1.2. ITECA LLP shall be the organiser of the foodstuff and drink quality competition.

1.3. Samples of foodstuff and alcohol-free drinks may be presented for the competition.

2. Procedures for Presenting the Samples to the Competition

2.1. The application for the competition shall be submitted to the Organising Committee not later than 15 September 2015.

The application includes:

  • name of the sample(s)
  • name of the producer

2.2. Samples must have the following documents:

  • name of the enterprise/organisation
  • sample specifications with quantity
  • certificate of quality

2.3. In the event if samples are not submitted by the producer, the letter of attorney (or a copy of the same) from the producer shall be mandatory.

2.4. The tasting competition shall include the following groups:

  • meat and sausages;
  • fish and seafoods;
  • confectionery and bakery;
  • canned and frozen products and semi-finished foods;
  • food supplements;
  • tea, coffee;
  • vegetable oils and animal fats;
  • alcohol-free drinks and beer;
  • dairy products;
  • flour, rice, cereals

3. Procedures for Organoleptic Evaluation of the Quality of Samples

3.1. To evaluate the quality of the presented samples, the Organising Committee shall set up a qualified tasting com-mission (jury) consisting of the Chairperson and members of the commission. To make conclusions and give awards, a commission (jury) shall be set up to include the Presidium and panels. The Presidium shall include the Chairperson, a representative from the Organising Committee and the executive secretary. Members of the Presidium shall not participate in the expert evaluation.

3.2. The expert commission shall include specialists of a high food industry qualification in the field of organoleptic evaluation of the quality of foodstuffs. Prior to the tasting, based on the presented range of foodstuffs, the Presidium shall determine the competition procedures, specify awarding criteria and an approximate number of medals by categories. This decision shall be formalised by a protocol signed by members of the Presidium and communicated to the representatives of the firms which participate in the competition.

3.3. Organoleptic evaluation of foodstuffs shall be the arithmetic mean of grades given by members of the expert com-mission in the cards of the commission members. Evaluation of the quality of the presented samples shall utilise methodologies stipulated in standard technical documentation and meeting respective norms.

3.4. In the course of the tasting competition, the experts shall evaluate each sample individually and without discussion, and enter the results in evaluation sheets to be submitted to the Presidium. The Presidium shall arrange tallying of the average score as the arithmetic mean of all grades of the experts. In the event of significant discrepancies in grades, the sample shall be brought out for a second tasting with an oral discussion of its specifications.

3.5. Decorative design and market condition shall be separately evaluated by the 5-grade system.

3.6. In the course of summarising the results, award of the agreed number of medals shall be done in decreasing order based on the average grades received by samples. In disputable cases, with equal grades for the quality, samples with a better decorative appearance shall be given preference. The Presidium shall have the right to introduce additional awards based on the tasting results, or keep some of the medals unawarded.

3.7. Results of the jury's work shall be formalised by a protocol signed by the Chairperson and secretary of the Presidium.

3.8. The products shall be delivered by 2nd October. Quantity of foodstuffs shall be concurred in advance with Special Event Coordinator.

You may receive application form for participation in tasting by applying to organizing committee.