Welcome Letters 2015

Dear participants and visitors of the exhibition!

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, allow me to welcome all the participants, guests and organisers of the 18th Central-Asian International Exhibition for WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 – "Food Industry" and 10th Anniversary Central-Asian International Exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015 – "Agriculture".

Agro-industrial complex is an integral part of national economics. In this respect, the government is successfully implementing the Agrobusiness–2020 Program for agro-industrial complex development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013–2020, targeting at improvement of life quality of the people of Kazakhstan.

Experience sharing and main trends exposure in the area of foodstuff production, processing and distribution allows to achieve significant improvement of life quality of the people. For 18 years WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan specialised exhibitions have been acting as platforms for national agro-industrial enterprises to offer the latest achievements of the industry, aimed at development and providing high quality foodstuff for the citizens of our country.

It is pleasant to see the national manufacturers of agricultural and foodstuff products constantly increasing their presence at the exhibition, demonstrating the development dynamics of agro-industrial complex in the country. Thus, WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan exhibitions are turning into development and modernisation indicator for foodstuff industry of the Republic in general.

I wish everyone the efficient work, conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts and success in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan
A. Mamytbekov

 On behalf of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan, let me welcome all visitors, participants, and organisers of the 18th Central-Asian International Exhibition for Food Industry WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 and the 10th Anniversary Central-Asian International Agriculture Exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015.

With all our hearts, we congratulate AgroWorld Kazakhstan Exhibition with its Anniversary. During these 10 years, exhibition dedicated to the development of agroindustrial complex has earned great reputation and confidence among the specialists of the sector, and firmed itself as one of the leading events in agricultural industry of Central Asia.

Successful tandem of exhibitions annually represents large foreign and native companies, research and development institutions demonstrating the latest global technologies. This allows both getting acquainted with industry achievements and choosing the best for the farm businesses of Kazakhstan. While visiting these events, our farmers may constantly deepen their knowledge in their area and focus their businesses on the high yielding and ecofriendly production through implementation of innovations in agriculture.

With face-to-face contacts and discussion, business programme in its turn creates opportunities for expanding cooperation field between farmers and suppliers of agricultural equipment, products, and technologies for farming businesses, as well as allows real-time discussions of the topical problems of the industry and developing the most efficient solutions.

I am confident, that this year the events will be held on the high level. I wish all participants of the exhibitions mutually beneficial contracts and establishing business contacts!

President and Chairman of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan
A. K. Darinov

On behalf of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan let me welcome the participants, visitors and organizers of the 18th Central Asian International Food Industry Exhibition - WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015, and the 10th Anniversary Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition - AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015.

This exhibition provide an opportunity to industry professionals, including producers and suppliers of agricultural products, to meet and share experiences with international experts, to find potential customers, dealers and investors, to conclude contracts and to strengthen their position in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine today's agricultural business without these sites that allow seeing and generalizing the world experience of agricultural industry, identifying the most promising directions of its development.

Poultry breeders of Kazakhstan use all available opportunities at maximum for the sustainable development of production, strengthening integration processes and introduction of the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress, as well as for further enhancement of the competitiveness of the industry.

First of all, let me congratulate the organizers of AgroWorld Kazakhstan with their 10th anniversary! For 10 years the Exhibition has pleased us with its participants and quality flow of visitors. And wish to all the further development and success in your work!

President of the Union of Poultry of Kazakhstan
Ruslan Sharipov


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken” and on my own behalf, I welcome the participants, the visitors and the organisers of the 18th Central Asian International Exhibition WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 – “Food Industry”.

The WorldFood Kazakhstan exhibition is a professional event showcasing the latest achievements in global food production. It must be noted that along with the novelties of the world food market, the exhibition presents local enterprises aimed at developing competitiveness of Kazakhstan products.

The simultaneous holding of exhibitions AgroWorld Kazakhstan – “Agriculture”, KazUpack – “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing” and HOREX Kazakhstan – “All for Hotels, Restaurants, and Supermarkets” allows to cover all sectors of food production, from raw materials to final products. These exhibitions create a platform for an open and constructive dialogue, search of new technologies and equipment, whereas the extensive business program of the exhibitions contributes to establishing contacts between local and global producers which promotes successful development of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan in general.

I am confident that Kazakhstan producers will be credibly represented at the exhibition!

I wish productive work, new ideas and effective solutions to all organisers and participants of the exhibition!

Deputy Chairman of NCE “Atameken” of the of Republic of Kazakhstan
G. T. Kurbanbaeva