Сoffee and tea from Blueberry Roasters

Blueberry Roasters is a family company founded almost 20 years ago in Wrocław, Poland. From the very beginning our main goal was to deliver freshly roasted, delicious coffee to our customers. That’s why we pay highest attention to the choice of our suppliers, so both we and our customers can be sure that the beans are always the finest quality. We roast it in small batches, so every package we send is fresh. We offer a collection of coffees from all around the world so that anybody can find a perfect match!

As an addition to our coffee we suggest one of our Espresso Syrups. Our 100% natural syrups was created especially for coffee. That’s why we made it highly concentrated – it wont water down your coffee, but enrich it with flavour. We offer 10 flavors, from all-time classics like caramel or vanilla to more exceptional like mint or rose. Although we made them for coffee, they are perfect for number of other uses. From tea and lemonades to pancakes, cocktails, pastry etc.

Tea small
With same care and attention as our coffee, we treat our tea! Albert Tea is a brand of high quality leaf teas. Packed in a round metal packaging with an attractive label depicting a boy named Albert – traveler who brings a variety of tea from his adventures. Apart from classics like Pu-Erh or English Breakfast, we create new, exciting flavours by mixing tea leaves with dried fruits, flowers and spices.
We are open for your ideas!
We can advice and help you create your own coffee blend according to your requirements. Thanks to our printing facility, we can print your custom label and even design it for you! We set the specific terms and conditions of co-operation with each customer individually, so please visit us a tour stand № 11-087, Pavilion 11 and let us answer all of our questions!

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