CELIKO Polish producer of food at the FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2019

CELIKO as Polish producer of food products was founded in 1982 and since the beginning has been specializing in and developing food products, particularly GLUTEN-FREE dry food concentrates.
Company’s further development headed towards the production of functional food, so called “healthy food, based on natural ingredients.
Nowadays CELIKO offers GLUTEN-FREE products:
• instant cocoa beverages (including hot chocolate drink)
• cocoa powder
• instant coffee beverages (like 3 in 1, 2 in 1, cappuccino)
• instant granulated fruit tea drinks and herbal beverages
• powdered sherbets for children
• flour mixes concentrates of cakes and breads in powder
• powdered desserts (e. g. puddings, jellies with agar etc.)
• baking additives

Celiko Food ingredients smallFRUPP bars snacks small

• functional food (“healthy food”) marked by the trade mark FRUPP & FRUPP KIDS
      o freeze-dried fruit bars
      o freeze-dried fruit (snacks)
      o smoothie (in powder)

• natural food ingredienst
     o freeze-dried fruit and vegetables
     o spray-dried fruit and vegetable powders (dusty and granulated forms)

Please visit us!
Stand № 11-133/1, Pavilion 11
FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2019!

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