CRAFERS is the largest Uzbek manufacturer of snacks and confectionery products

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CRAFERS is the largest Uzbek manufacturer of snacks, confectionery and other delicious high-class products. Crafers is a modern confectionery factory with an area of 35,000 m2, equipped with European equipment.

The largest factory in Central Asia. Our products are sold in more than 20 countries around the world. Crafers has several certificates that meet international quality standards, including the Halal certificate.

RAIM FOOD LLP is the exclusive importer of Crafers products in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Crafers assortment consists of more than 130 types of products, which allows filling shelves with the most popular confectionery products.

Our Instagram page: @CRAFERS_SWEETS

The entire line of Crafers products (130 items) will be presented at the exhibition, including this year’s new products:

Stix (Apricot)             Stix (Figs)            Stix (dark chocolate with milk filling)

crafers 1 crafers 2 crafers 3

Waffle Ice Cream                 Waffle Ice Cream (chocolate taste)

crafers 4    crafers 5

Crocant with air puffed rice                        Peppy sugar cookies with creamy taste

crafers 6                               crafers 7

Choco Break cookies with milk filling            Choco Break cookies with chocolate and nut filling             Choco Break cookies with coconut taste

crafers 8                                                    crafers 9                                                                                   crafers 10

Peppy protracted cookies with minerals (Ca, Mg, Zn)                        Peppy sugar cookies with creamy taste with goat milk

crafers 11                                                        crafers 12

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