5 big reasons to exhibit at WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018

5 big reasons to exhibit at WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018

For everything from pure food and drink products, to production and processing machinery, to logistics services, Kazakhstan is a gold mine for food professionals.

WorldFood Kazakhstan is the event bringing the nation’s foodstuff buyers together with international businesses.

If you’re a global food and drink manufacturer looking for a dynamic new market, check out these five great reasons why you should be at WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018 – and what the show can offer you.

Here’s why you should exhibit at WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018

Kazakhs prefer imported goods

A report from KazInform, a leading Kazakh news agency, in 2017 revealed something very tantalising for exporters: Kazakhs actively prefer imported goods to domestically-manufactured products.

That explains why imports of food and drink items cover around 10.5% of Kazakhstan’s total GDP.

The thing is, while food manufacturing is a very important industry for the Kazakh economy, it actively cannot meet established market gaps. As such, the nation’s retailers, wholesalers, and distributors are reliant on foreign produce to plug market gaps.

Milk and dairy and fruits and vegetables are two mammoth groups that back up the above. Total imports of goods in both categories regularly tops out at over $1.5 billion – so Kazakh’s key buyers have plenty of money, and motivation, to spend on foreign-sourced produce.

WorldFood Kazakhstan is a gateway to the nation’s key buyers

At 2017’s event, over 5,000 visitors from across Kazakhstan and the CIS were in attendance. This collection of industry professionals only had one thing on its mind – to find the latest products, cuisines and tastes from international manufacturers.

Over 75% of WorldFood Kazakhstan visitors are key decision makers, with over half being company owners, CEOs, or senior management figures. This non-stop stream of top food and drink players ensures a steady flow of new contacts with high contract potential for the show’s 400+ exhibitors.

Representatives from some of Kazakhstan’s leading retail firms, including GreenMart, Small & Skif, EdaVoda and Galmart, visit the show every year. WorldFood Kazakhstan’s unique Retail Centre puts retail visitors into direct, face-to-face, meetings with exhibitors, giving the show additional scope to connect international food and drink producers with the Kazakhs in need of their goods.

See the entire food and drink value chain at WorldFood Kazakhstan

In addition to the main event, WorldFood Kazakhstan is co-located with a series of peerless events:

As such, the entire food and drink value chain, from ingredients to finished products, is on display at the show.

Diversity is important in all walks of life, and WorldFood Kazakhstan’s exhibitor/visitor line up is no different. With the array of sectors covered, visitors are guaranteed to find brand new business partners, suppliers and the products they need to grow their business.

For exhibitors, it’s the chance to see how Kazakhstan’s food industry works up close – and enjoy cross-sector networking opportunities not available anywhere else.

Food production in Kazakhstan is held back by obsolete equipment

Food and drink production bumped up 8% in Kazakhstan – but this isn’t enough to satiate domestic demand. Nationwide production, processing, and packaging equipment is already obsolete or quickly reaching the end of service lives.

In order to replace their aging equipment pools, Kazakh manufacturers are turning ever more towards imported solutions. Kazakhstan is keen to emerge as a Central Asian food production powerhouse – but its current stocks of required equipment limits production.

WorldFood Kazakhstan exhibitors are well placed to secure some of Kazakhstan’s big investment bucks. Modernisation 3.0 – a nationwide initiative to overhaul the Kazakh economy from top to bottom – is coming. Foodstuff production has been earmarked as a top investment priority by the Kazakh government, which means factory inventories are on the cusp of a major update programme.

Want to get a hold of this spending? Be at WorldFood Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is Central Asia’s largest economy

Away from the purely food related, there is one more great reason to exhibit at WorldFood Kazakhstan: the country is the region’s largest economy.

The nation itself is an upper-middle income country, boasting a GDP per capita of $10,500. Kazakhs have deeper pockets than their regional neighbours, meaning imported goods are not out of reach of the common man.

Additionally, Kazakhstan is a CIS state and a member of the Eurasian Customs Union. Exporters thus have trade access to over 200 million people as a result. International companies also benefit from domestic-equivalent conditions under Kazakhstan’s foreign investment protection guarantees.

Purchasing power is higher in Kazakhstan than anywhere else in Central Asia – great news for all potential exhibitors.

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