Today, the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan single online platform started its work for all professionals of the agricultural complex, where representatives of government bodies, industry associations, unions, domestic agricultural producers and businesses met to discuss the current state of the industry, find solutions for efficiently doing business in accordance with the new market realities.

The AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan online forum has opened a webinar organized by the Union of Poultry Breeders of Kazakhstan together with the Association of Poultry Breeders of the EAEU, dedicated to topical issues of avian influenza.

Representatives of the specialized committee of veterinary control and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the leadership of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory, researchers of NPP Avivak, the Kazakhstan Research Veterinary Institute and industry associations took part in the forum as speakers.

The main topic of the webinar was a discussion of the epizootic situation of highly and low pathogenic avian influenza in the world, measures for the prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza. As you know, the avian flu epizootic situation in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been favorably stable for 15 years. The last wave of bird flu in the republic was recorded in 2005. But in September 2020, an outbreak occurred and bird flu was registered in nine regions of Kazakhstan at once. Quarantine was introduced in 48 localities where highly pathogenic avian influenza was confirmed. According to official reports, wild migratory birds were the source of the disease.

Participants of the webinar shared their experience on prevention and applied measures against avian influenza, they also were able to answer questions from the audience in a Q&A format. The event was attended by all poultry farms of the republic, as well as colleagues from the EAEU countries, who shared their foreign experience in combating bird flu, using the example of Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

During the webinar, the Union of Poultry Breeders of Kazakhstan presented a program to prevent the spread of avian influenza, which provides a list of operational measures to contain and prevent the introduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza into regions free from H5N8.
Today, all domestic poultry farms are enhancing safety measures, conducting vaccinations, and preventive measures to prevent infection.
Also, for safety reasons, poultry farm specialists together with veterinary authorities conduct vaccinations in the private sector around poultry farms.

The specialized discussion platform AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan will continue its active work on November 4 and 5. The following thematic sessions will be on the forum:

  • November 4th: Attraction of investments into the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan;
  • November 4th: Fruit and vegetable business in Kazakhstan: the impact of COVID'19 and overcoming the crisis;
  • November 5th: Technologies in bakery and optimization of bakery production - training program.

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