The main event of the autumn for representatives of the food industry, agriculture and hospitality industry was holding six significant industry events in Almaty: FoodExpo Qazaqstan, AgroWorld Qazaqstan, QazPack, ColdChain Qazaqstan, and Horex & Clean Expo Qazaqstan. The best food, innovative technologies, equipment for AIC, solutions for packaging, containers and cold storage, as well as products for hotels and restaurants, products for cleaning industry presented 421 companies from 26 countries (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, USA). During the three days, the combined exhibition was visited by 4,249 unique visitors, including representatives of government agencies, industry unions and associations, specialists of foreign and national companies.

The FoodExpo Qazaqstan exhibition site traditionally welcomed suppliers of technology and equipment, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of food and beverages. The special importance of the exhibition in the development of the food industry is emphasized by the participation of relevant ministries and agencies of foreign and neighboring countries. Thanks to their support, there were National groups and country collective stands - Belarus, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Russia, USA and South Korea. Russia was represented by more than 150 manufacturers from 25 regions, who presented food and drinks in almost all categories, as well as equipment for food production and packaging. The quarantine restrictions have not reduced the huge interest in the Kazakhstan market from international suppliers. For the first time a company from Papua New Guinea took part in the exhibition, widely presenting tea products.

The annual event of the FoodExpo Qazaqstan Central Asian international exhibition was holding 23rd professional contest-tasting “The best product of FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2021”, organized under the auspices of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition.



During the competition, the competent jury determined the winners of the quality mark of the exhibition - FoodExpo Qazaqstan Gold Medal - in 18 nominations among 92 products of domestic and international manufacturers.


During the exhibition, 417 direct negotiations between producers and retail chains/distributors of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were held at the retail center. Leading chains Magnum Cash & Carry, INTERFOOD, CAREFOOD, AYAN, Svetofor, KORZINKA.UZ, Skif Trade"/ SMALL, Loco Market, Vkusnaya Korzinka have identified a pool of potential partners for the near future.

            The traditionally successful tandem of FoodExpo Qazaqstan was held in partnership with the leading business platform for agriculture - the AgroWorld Qazaqstan international exhibition. The successful symbiosis presented to the specialists of agro-industrial complex offers for growing raw materials, equipment and technologies for its processing, solutions for food and beverage production, as well as equipment for packaging, storage and transportation. This year, for the first time in the framework of exhibitions, "Kazakhstan-Belarus" Agricultural Forum, which was attended by Rustem Kurmanov, the Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Igor Brylo, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.


During the event, the parties discussed issues of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural sector and the production of finished products, raised the topic of raw materials for agriculture of Kazakhstan and Belarus, discussed the possibility of innovative mechanisms of financing the agricultural sector and the production of finished products. In addition, they talked about the tools to support exports, the requirements of retail chains to suppliers, and gave examples of successful cooperation between scientists and manufacturers. The Vice-ministers of both countries took part in the opening of the national exposition of the Republic of Belarus, which included 11 large state Belarusian enterprises.

The key event of AgroWorld Qazaqstan 2021 was the specialized sessions of the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan, which focused on the topics "Poultry farming", "Gardening", and "Greenhouse business". For the first time, the topic of irrigation in the South of Kazakhstan was raised for discussion at the Forum, which identified the need to introduce modern resource-saving irrigation technologies (drip irrigation, sprinkling) instead of the outdated furrow irrigation system.


In offline format, the topic of avian flu, which began in 2020, was continued. The session on intensive horticulture and investment subsidies was of great interest to the audience. The participants and visitors noted the high level of speakers and the relevance of the topics discussed for the agrarian business of the republic.

In 2021 exhibitors AgroWorld Qazaqstan made 102 companies from 15 countries of the world, presenting equipment for livestock, poultry, swine, feed and feed ingredients, equipment for gardening and planting materials, seeds, fertilizers, modern irrigation systems, equipment for processing of vegetables and fruits, the construction and design of buildings for agriculture, refrigeration solutions for the storage and transportation of crops, modern solutions for greenhouses.


The most up-to-date packaging solutions for food production and catering enterprises were presented by about 40 companies from 5 countries (Kazakhstan, Germany, China, Russia, Turkmenistan) at the QazPack 2021 specialized site of the exhibition.  Domestic companies Stroylyuks, Kazdi group LLP, KAGAZY RECYCLING, Global pack kz, Grinpak, Inter Multi-Service, Kazpoligraf, Mysteriya, Upakovka and SERVIS Kazakhstan, Fast com, Jans introduces visitors to the modern technology of packaging that meets the demands of the time. Companies from Turkmenistan Uly Chynar and China D.I.SINMA(SICHUAN) MACHINERY CO.LTD shared international developments in the field of PET.

The best domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services for the storage of perishable products met at the ColdChain Qazaqstan exhibition.  In 2021, 10 companies from 5 countries participated, such as Germany, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Russia and Turkey.


The domestic manufacturer Silumin-Vostok presented refrigeration equipment and accessories manufactured at its own factory. The annual participants of the exhibition from Russia - the Eurostyle and Profholod companies - brought new refrigeration equipment. Despite logistical difficulties and quarantine restrictions, foreign companies were represented at the exposition: Plattenhardt+Wirt" from Germany, Geerlofs from the Netherlands, KINGSPAN YAPI ELEMANLARI A.S. from Turkey, Amandus Kal from Germany.

Horex & Clean Expo Qazaqstan united suppliers of products and equipment for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets and shopping centers, as well as the latest developments in the cleaning industry. The HoRex Qazaqstan and CleanExpo Qazaqstan exhibitions were attended by 13 major industry companies from 6 countries of the world (Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Russian Federation and Turkey).

 Within the framework of the exhibition, the Horex Business & Coffee Forum was held, at which well-known domestic and foreign experts of the restaurant and hotel business, business coaches of the HoReCa sphere made their presentations. The invited speakers shared cases on brand development, attracting investors to scale their business, standardization of line personnel service, vectors of bar business development, current coffee tips and wine trends of 2022.



A total of 19 best speakers performed at the Horex Business & Coffee Forum. Business program of Horex exhibitions & Clean Expo Qazaqstan supplemented the seminar from the BUZZIL conpany on the topic: “Technological aspects of cleaning in the HoReCa segment”. The issues of sustainable management of the accommodation and the introduction of digitalization and smart tourism in hotels were discussed at the seminars organized by the Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAHR).


The tandem of six major exhibitions in the field of food production, agriculture and HoReCa industry has once again allowed to gather on one platform industry professionals to identify further vector of development of the industry, maintaining cooperation, effective exchange of experience among professionals and find new markets for suppliers.

The exhibition is organized by ITECA, Kazakhstani exhibition company.

Traditionally, expo events were supported by Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Almaty, industry unions and associations.